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Flight Scholarships


Cadets in the Civil Air Patrol have the opportunity to apply for flight scholarships, which can aid in covering ground school, flight training at a local FBO, training on CAP aircraft with a CAP instructor, at a CAP flight academy, or at an FAA part 61 or 141 flight school as well as attain  pilot certifications. To learn more about flight scholarships and eligibility, visit the CAP flight scholarship page.


Ray Foundation, Inc. seeks to encourage the potential in the youth of America by enabling them to develop life skills such as self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-reliance. Keeping with the spirit of our founders, Ray Foundation, Inc. primarily supports education programs and organizations with a focus on aviation and aerospace.  The James C. Ray Flight Training Scholarship helps fund the Cadet Wings, private pilot certification financial assistance program.  Cadets along with their squadron mentor, the Ray Navigator, apply for Cadet Wings to access this funding. The scholarship focuses on strengthening the partnership between the local squadron and the cadet in flight training. This type of mentorship is proven to improve the success of the student pilot. Go to the Cadet Wings page for information on how to apply.

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