South County Cadet Squadron 232
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Cadet Resources

Cadet First Steps

  • Login into E-Services

    • Complete OPSEC course

  • Obtain a California Wing (CAWG) email address

    • Check the email that is listed on eServices for instructions on setting up a CAWG email

    • Once your CAWG email is set up, change the email address in eServices to you new wing address

  • Acquire uniforms

  • Work towards your Curry Achievement

    • Read Learn to Lead, chapter 1. Be prepared for a 25 question quiz, with 80% or better required to pass. 

    • Pass the Learn to Lead Chapter 1 Test. Take your online test. You can do so at your convenience from eServices under the Cadet Testing page.

    • Complete Remaining Promotion Requirements. Requirements can be found on the Cadet Super Chart or by contacting your element leader.


  • Note: If at any point you have questions, contact your Professional Development Officer

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