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Review Boards

Review Boards

Once cadets have completed all the steps to promote, they participate in a review board to assess their CAP knowledge, memory work, and leadership skills in a interview-like military environment. Cadets must complete a review board to promote, even if they have completed all other promotion requirements. 

How to request a review board

Cadets must complete all promotion requirements for the grade they are requesting before requesting a review board. Those cadets who have completed the requirements will follow the following steps:

  • Complete a review board request form and print it (Forms & Documents)

  • Bring your review board request to your element leader or flight sergeant for approval 

  • You will be called to report to your board before the meeting ends


Before your review board, be sure to print the following items: (can be found on the forms and documents page)

  • Review board request 

  • Review board grading sheet

  • Certificate of completion for online testing (Leadership & Aerospace if applicable)

  • Staff Duty Analysis (Officers Only)

  • Drill test

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